Em Meetups offer an opportunity to share feelings and experiences without obligation or justification , other than respect. Think of it as an ‘oil change’. Sometimes we are unable to see the carbon (negativity) in our system, especially if a more positive comparison is unavailable. However, knowing the unseen is cleaner will lighten a heavy heart. 

Connecting the dots


It’s easy to put things on a back burner…and even easier to put your essence on that back burner. Today I invite you to climb out of the box and walk into a new view. The world includes you and is not sacrificial. Life asks only one thing from us…that we take the first step. In today’s world there are many things to turn our heads to the negative. Inside the purity of heart we know this is a test of understanding. Essence is purity and all loving. Clutter simply hides truth. We can climb out and stand under this breath of love.

Together we will grow understanding…         

Voice “Yes” and accept this invitation in a collaboration for freedom. Em will be waiting.

Thank you, Solus        


In progress…


Welcome to …Connecting the Dots! …and that is what we are here for. Hopefully everyone reads this or downloads it from our website ( for reading later. If you came here because you are curious, I have extra copies to introduce you to what we are about to embark in.

The program continues each 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Any notices or changes will be posted on our ‘Meetup’ message board. We will begin promptly at 3 PM, and end at 5 PM. If you need to contact me directly for any reason my phone number is 210-733-7671. Just leave your message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Questions are always welcome and I would appreciate your leaving them on my phone message machine so that we can accumulate them and address them within our meeting times in the group setting. 

Our bottom lines should all resonate with our deliberate intention to grow.

Tools we use:

Invisible tools –

  1. Audio to listen; voice to hear
  2. Blueprint for structure
  3. y‘s for motivation
  4. Sharing to connect information
  5. Support for validation

Hard copy tools –

  1. Hand-outs
  2. Pamphlets
  3. Books
  4. Reference material
  5. ShareShops; courses

I would like to define the words we often use and their meaning from Effervescent Moments:

Abyss = invisible tools for our endless depth of nature

Becoming = working with self to get get out of the way.

Belief = a philosophical definition you own.

Discover = to dis-cover or uncover the personal walls we are unable to see through.

Disease = (dis – ease) The discomfort from negative thoughts and reactions.

Effervescence = the release of pressure.

Energy = the silent vibrations and wave forms that conduct all life through Spirit’s divine design.

Faith = sharing a relationship with the unseen that allows it to be a reality.

Freedom = a boundless opportunity of experience to reap the consequences of natural law in order to build understanding.

Growing = from the first seed we recognize…on (subjective).

Journey = process of living and growing (objective).

Life = all existence seen and unseen.

Love = purity.

Nature = the harmonious interaction of all life.

Non-hierarchical =  equality of all. Everything in life is equally important to all others and is essential for all existence.

Oneness = a common denominator of life. A connectivity that intertwines all life.

ShareShop = a workshop without the work.

Sharing = the cycle of giving and receiving.

Spirit / Creator = the beginning of everything that is (however you see it).

Substance = the unseen substance to all that is visible (Spirit, God, etc).

Togetherness = the collaboration between humans to share experience for the betterment of expression.

Tools = Invisible and hard copy things we use and share to grow.

Unseen = the essence of everything that is.

Wholeness = Mind, body, and Spirit intimately relating in equal proportions.

Today we begin to set the foundation to go about our lives and apply ourselves from the most inner part of our being…outward. 

February 4th Meetup discusses energy and our human relationship with it.