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Most of us are victims to what our reactions reveal. Em supports this evidence based truth of necessity and also reaches into the abyss of purity within it all. We gain our tools for survival having been victims. When we decide to move on from that concept, we are choosing to leave the past alone. It may seem to the naked eye that forgetting the past would simply bring it back again and you could be sure of it. There is a difference in forgetting and leaving.  Forgetting would mean it no longer exists…leaving means moving away from. Sometimes we need tools to keep us in motion. When we let someone else think for us or do for us, we get stuck with whatever is there and say goodbye to possibilities. Em houses experiential tools from the propagation of fresh perspectives and shares respect for all life. Our unpretentious communication and collaboration efforts simply help pluck each little thread that ties us to the sacrificial rock of ego and martyrdom. Purity leads-we listen. Effervescent Moments

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