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I have an active ShareShop to visit on our ‘ShareShop page.’ Leave me a comment on the Solese video blog to choose a topic similar to the ones listed below and I will create a ShareShop on it. Feel free to reply your thoughts. Also schedule a Zoom time for visitation on the active subject matter through the contact page for Solus.

The challenge is to ask the question:

  • Do I feel afraid because my marriage is falling apart and I don’t know what is going to happen to me when it does?
  • Is the pain from the grief of losing a child, spouse, or loved one allowing me to blame life?
  • Is a terminal illness allowing me to feel punished and insignificant, and abused?
  • Am I dwindling and hurting because I agree with others too quickly to hear my own thoughts?
  • Have my circumstances in life tainted how I view my life?
  • Do I live according to what other people do and how they think of me?
  • Am I surrounded by sarcasm and people who blame life for their misfortunes?
  • Do I feel ashamed and unworthy to love myself?
  • Do I think people are unable to change?
  • Do I think that if I can’t see something with my eyes, it’s not there?
  • Am I going to be ready to return my body graciously from gratitude  when the time comes?

Start the journey to understand why you are where you are and begin again…but, this time, without the clutter. We are all here to build, grow, move forward, and share. Once we stop growing and learning about why we are here and where we are growing, we become a victim.

Let’s grow up and get out of our own way! Let’s be responsible for who we are and find out what happens next…

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