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Ems’ magazine rack changes as we produce new handouts and brochures. These articles are free for our participants.

Em refrains from promoting ideas and material as to what to think, Our subject matter is to provoke thought for the individual to use in developing their own thinking.


May I have this danceMay I have this dance? It feels good to leave the past behind and be in the present. When the dance is done, the fizz leaves. So, why did the dance have to end? What is your partner? Is your relationship with life dancing, or are you waiting for a partner? What do we do while we wait? What do we do to get ready? How do we answer questions about who we are? How do we apply for a job with life? What would it look like?


Thumb nail for Addiction

Each and every individual on the planet grows at different rates and speeds physically, men-tally, and spiritually. Competition is a compelling and motivating characteristic that can either slow us down or speed us up depending on the context surrounding it. Think of the animals in nature living as they do in the wild. When each of us remembers past events, usually there is a trigger from the need to fulfill an inner urge which puts our reason on hold. When someone or something threatened us or when a seeming beast was conquered before they could do their damage, a story was in the making….



The movie camera behind the eyes, roles the film of life. Rewinding the tape, we all can readily see the struggle for life. The outer props have been changed for visual appeal, however, the inner strife remains. Spirits love purposely assigns us as directors of this movie. Instructions lie buried in our birth.

The war of the worlds is the vision in our eyes from within. The battle gives us pleasure in winning. As children, we fight for food. Adrenaline from the competition feeds our fight…


Thumb nail for GratitudeWe can be thankful for a lot of “things” we have in our lives, however, it would be wise to wander through what has us and re-visit our life in a new way. To be thankful is quite short sited through the eyes of the beholden, when the beholden has a gender. By this analogy, the reference is to allow the vision oneness beholds. When comparisons are allowed to measure hope and faith, then our cup is half empty…