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About Robert

Robert Altfather brings forward his life long experiences in a way not many authors do. It is his desire to stir the readers thinking and not to impress with elite credentials and self importance. Having been raised on a dairy farm located between two abandoned mining towns in Pennsylvania, his journey has been one of success within the shadows of the public. What is important to Robert is not how high one is on the ladder of success, rather how far one has traveled. Learning from the experiences of his father and grandfather while living among the animals, his spiritual seeds were planted and are still growing. His schooling, Army life, and practical experiences of working for and managing businesses were the fertile ground to appreciate life. Robert retired from his public life as a computer programmer. (Programs that were all about providing freedom to the users both in time and stress.) His life is about sharing happiness and freedom for all mankind being based on the laws of nature and understanding the Pure Love of Spirit.

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About Solus

This is a summary of what I believe myself to be and how I arrived.
As a child I grew up safe, sound, and emotionally unstable. In spite of harboring painful feelings, there was a moment in my youth where I was touched through love from nature. It was a brief encounter when I realized my Mother and Father had not created the universe, only mine. Even though this encounter was brief and enlightening, it remained elusive. I continued into adulthood carrying my previous baggage into the future and collecting more along the way. I was unable to figure out who I am and where I was headed until I knew where I had been. I see all children as having information passed down to them that they may not know they allowed. In some cases it can be an invisible shield of protection and in others a curse. It was not until the age of 57 that I dropped to my knees from the load. The day I fell into the abyss of confusion is the day I opened my eyes to a helping hand and have not reached back. I dropped the outer baggage and there I sat with naked truth and willingness to understand. Today, I lovingly remember and see through many windows I would like to share with you. You and I have a common human ground with different soil. Together we can enrich the environment of the ground we touch.