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Gratitude PathWhat’s the big idea?

I’m glad you’re here. Effervescent Moments are experiences in life and how we feel them. The idea we are perpetrating is that our reactions often go unnoticed and we sometimes claim these reactions as “beliefs”. It is easy to find a public folder to slide these reactions into for validation. We have an idea here at Effervescent Moments, “Why not create a hub where each individual can speak aloud about their why’s”. You see, more than we realize, our understanding gets blocked by intellectual gobbledygook and steers our ship (our being) away from our shore…our core creator. Diversity is a universal expression. Just as energy is forever, so are vibrations variable forever since they are not ours to capture and hold. So, take a seat, look around the site. Think about an issue that keeps coming up in your life and let the momentum for understanding it out of the bag! Hear yourself think!

That’s the “big idea”!

This is how It works:

Sharing personal experiences with the intention of awakening similarities can help diminish hidden fears. Our fears can be one of the most evasive and misunderstood factors preventing our peace and harmony within our being. Our approach to discovering what we have hidden is to identify it, name it and proceed with positive energy understanding how and why it is present.

Here is where EM may differ from other approaches when sharing tools and suggestions for self improvement. Once we discover what may be hidden in our past as being negative, by understanding and having the tools to change the negative into a positive, new seeds of happiness begin to sprout. One by one each new discovery builds into a new way of living.

Experience enlightens us to appreciate and understand that new beginnings can only start from positive energy. Recognizing that old fears or misunderstandings nested in what we think as being negative remains dormant until we see them as outdated concepts and admit they will never change on their own. Our approach is to remain positive at all times, refrain from any negativity in thought, word and deed.


What to expect from Em workshops and publications:

All of us have a multitude of unknowns affecting our freedom and restricting our effervescent moments. Who of us haven’t at one time or another ask a mate or friend “Do you know where I left my keys?” It’s obvious that we can’t move on if we don’t have our keys! It is the same with the little bits of negativity that we had and miss laid because at the time our attention was on other thoughts and actions. But there they are, buried deep inside of us, blocking the way for new and positive energy to be effective and helpful when we need it the most.

The goal of our workshops, publications and cards is to share the tools necessary to locate the missing keys and unlock the bits of negativity causing disappointment. Bringing light to the dark corners of the unknown will be rewarding knowing we did it on our own. Em only furnishes tools of discovery. The process is very basic self help and does not advocate right or wrong, bad or good. Rather the emphasis is bringing adversities into harmony and understanding. Neutrality within ourselves opens the doors and windows to the light of natural laws which is the basis for all peace and happiness. Then we will know what Effervescent Moments feel like.


Discussions are led by:

Solus Meek with Solese Blog

Robert Altfather with Silent Gotchas Blog