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designed to dissect and integrate feeling from where we are.

Effervescent Moments (Em) offers this program with absolutely no cost or commitment. Our mission is to celebrate the extremes of our nature utilizing our ability to understand the continuity of universal motion. We are energy with divine purpose sometimes buried beneath our feet. This effort is to form a more perfect union with self and truth.

You will need to set aside a 3 day weekend and designate a quiet refuge to enter inside a conversation with your soul without exposing yourself to criticism or contradiction. At some point while doing the exercises you will feel as if these are silly and superficial requests with no ability to help you move forward. Give it a chance…it is the process of taking a concept, thought or belief and seeing it from a different perspective or dimension (if you will).

So let’s begin: Print out the attachment to take the course. When you are finished please return and enter feedback or go to the Em blog and continue interacting.

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First Dimension
The superficial, spontaneous, or immediate response to your ‘self.’
(Day 1)

Who are you? Take some time (perhaps a few hours) and reflect on your actions or reactions throughout your life. How would you explain to someone who does not know you, who you are. Take your time and write down as much or as little as you feel true. Remember that you are only speaking to yourself, there is no one to please.

Take some time if you need it (about one hour or 2) to review your priorities. Make a list in the order of their importance. Go slowly, be thorough.

Look into your eyes in the mirror and describe what you see, feel, and (or) think. Include your level of comfort while going through this process. Write it all down in detail.

List your worries in order of their importance. Start with the one most bothersome and sit with it long enough to get as many on paper as you can. Make 2 or 3 columns if you need to.

Sit in a quiet comfortable place without distractions. Start from your first memory and play the movie of your life in your mind. Just as if you were watching a movie…follow each circumstance chronologically and where each one led you. Don’t write anything, just let your experiences play the movie. Allow it to flow.

At this point, you should have at least spent an 8 hour ShareShop day on yourself. Phase 1

2nd Dimension
A look at you doing you.
(Day 2)
Now we step it up!

Imagine…the 1st part of this course is to see your life, chronologically in black and white. A map of this leading to that and that leading to this, for whatever reason…it just did. The great thing is that to reduce confusion it is wonderful when we can see how one thing led to another, be it seemingly bad or good. Just as when we watch a movie…we can see the events that led up to the circumstances the movie would like you to experience. This next part is going to ask you to personally participate. This is going to require that you step outside the picture you just watched of your life and see it from the perspective of the audience or observer. The experience results in an empathetic awareness of where people come from. This exercise requires that you imagine other lives and events in a chronological order as to create a specific destiny. Pretend you are someone else with a very different life than the one you are living. Put together a movie that represents a specific outcome. You can create different outcomes with different backgrounds. Take the worries you put on your list (starting from the first one you wrote) and implant that worry into your imaginary life. Put together events that led it to come about and see it manifest in this make believe world you are putting together. Imagine the possibilities. Also do this with the other worries you have listed. The important thing would be to keep the continuity of the events…realizing each event leads to a consequence and triggers another to occur. It is difficult to guide your thoughts and actions. Our tendency in life is to follow instructions and react to the environment. This second day is to see your worries outside yourself…Phase 2.

Before going to bed, look into your eyes in the mirror. Stare into your eyes for the moment long enough to see yourself as all these different people you have imagined. Stare into your eyes even longer until you can feel yourself climbing out of your own personal identity and see yourself through the face in the mirror. Stay staring until your face is intimate with all faces and without judgement. How do you know? When you look at your face as a head on a body and not for how attractive it is.

3rd dimension
Growing the third leg of the stool.
(DAY 3)
The unseen relationship with your Spirit part.
Read ahead before going to bed.

This last part of the lesson is most difficult and will be the 3rd and last day of this program. The intent here is to connect with your soul part…your direct connect with Spirit. The minute you open your eyes, lie there and let your thoughts flow in and out freely. Lie there for however long it takes to to clear the chatter in your brain and allow an idea to land on your stomach. You won’t know what and you won’t know when, just let it come up from you. When you are able to see the feeling, ask why? Follow this idea throughout the day and keep asking why? (This is not meant to give permission to hurt yourself or anyone else. It is meant to allow answers to come to you without trying to manipulate and control). Sometimes (many times) we keep help away from us because of our fear to trust something bigger than the immediate life we see surrounding us. Once we learn to trust the omnipotence of life, we can receive faith at our door. The door is blocked shut with ignorance. We can’t push it open we can only pull it in. The trouble is seeing through it to see it is blocked. If we can’t see through it we don’t know what is on the other side. The grass is only greener on the other side when it is cared for. Your third day will be a step toward a larger relationship with life. The movie being played is Our Creators. We have a choice to live, learn, grow, or not.

Conclude your personal 3 day workshop by looking at the priorities you wrote on the first day and seeing what new arrangement would put you on a path to being open to understanding the unfamiliar and trusting life’s goodness. Then revisit the question, “Who are you?” and hear what you say. Also, revisit this course every 3 months and see where you grow.

See you soon, when you visit effervescentmoments.com and share.

Thank you,

What is EM?
Effervescent moments are feeling buds that sprout up from unknown places spontaneously. In other words, these feelings are nourished or fed into existence through gratitude. However, this gratitude is grown from an unknown source, rather than a person, place, or thing. So when we think of an effervescent moment we tend to visualize a bubble or gas coming out of solution. Here at EM we visualize it as a solution that simply appears into existence. Our reasoning does not make it happen, the divine design places it where it needs to be.

We believe in the manifestation of words to create that unseen part in each of us to grow beyond ourselves.

By attending our effort, you are, in no way conceding to a way of life or way of living…we are simply sharing tools to help cultivate your own personal journey.

Celebrating Diversity
Lifting up and recognizing the power of how being different complements the oneness of our creation. A familiar quote is “variety is the spice life.” Understanding diversity also breaks down the stigma between bad and good.

Sharing Energy for Synergy
Interaction by sharing positive energy with each other either one on one or within a group. Synergy means (to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects). Pollinating each other with love and respect brings harmony to the individual within and their relationship to others.