The Power of Thought

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For me, life is all about the power of thought. Understanding and appreciating the power of our cell phones, computers, or even the simplest activity of the pop up toaster in the kitchen. We marvel at their efficiency, but how often do we think about electrical current and the chemical makeup of our brains? Working 24 hours a day its peak of operation is when we communicate with one another. We appreciate our cell phones connecting to other people, our computers working all kinds of tasks and the toaster that gets our bread golden brown… It is my goal to encourage the two of us to experience the energy within our thoughts and the process of thinking. Visiting with me from time to time could prove to be at least interesting and at best rewarding for both of us. So I invite you to check in with me when you can, share your comments, life experiences and suggestions. Please share with others if you like. That is what I am doing.


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