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There is a path we all chose and most of the time we don’t know we are choosing it. Gratitude PathWhen I look at this picture I am remembering that statement. It is true that everyone has their own specific gardens, quicksands, and mud holes (to put it lightly), however, my quick reference is to see how most of us (including myself) – want to blame the “mud hole” for getting our clothes dirty!

Okay, so I know you catch what I am saying. It is always someone else’s fault! Well, this path reminds me of a way out. It’s funny, but the way ‘out’ came from ‘within’. I don’t pretend I know any answers for you…However, I do know what works for me. The image you see here had to come from somewhere. You can look it up on a map or you can open your gut and spew out the false recordings and short one liners you’re filled with that keep you away from feeling adequate. All the intellect, all the books and degrees won’t keep out the insecurities or misunderstandings we all hoard until the day of reckoning…the day to do or die. So, as you keep walking down the street, take a look at the road you are on.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Love you very much Solus, always a special place in my heart. I’m truly glad you’ve found your path, as I have mine. But you’ll always be my Debi. That I can’t change. And to me, our souls will always be connected.

    • Solus says:

      I love you too, Rhonda! We are growing apart so hold on to your memory! I will cherish it always! Thank you for visiting Effervescent Moments. Thank you for being a part of mine.

  2. Robert Meek says:

    The most important lesson I have learned over the years is that I need to take inventory of my beliefs, values, and attitudes from time to time. Lay them all out on the table of my heart and see which ones have outlived their usefulness. When I do this regularly then I feel like I truly own my path.

    I am so grateful for the lessons of this life and how much I have learned. Grateful as well for the many guides and Escher’s that Spirit has brought into my life. Thanks to EM for taking the time to share all the things Spirit has given to them to share as well.

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