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When I speak out loud I am talking to myself. I want to hear what I say. This was not always true. I used to speak so others would hear me. When I spoke to others I wanted them to understand me for me. Now I want to practice the language of understanding. It is funny, but as I do for me it does for you…without wanting anything in return.

Now I am going to speak from me to be:

When I think of possibilities I see everything before, after, and present in me. I see hating, loving, hurting, growing and all the things we could choose our life to be and do. Because all possibilities exist it is important to note that within us all is a key outside our current limit to what we see is possible. As humans we want to have knowledge and know what to expect and what we are doing…and also, at the same time know what it is doing for us. Control automatically creates power. We see control in the manipulation of another human being or in the sculpting of our physical being. The most important growth of control is growing out of one’s shell. The ability to control yourself without someone watching or listening to you. This dimension of control is stronger from the simple purity of it. It’s strength is from the entire universe, rather than a person, place, or thing.

So, possibilities surround us to let us know they are there, but it is in what we don’t know that unlocks the key of possession and unleashes the potential to unharness creativity. Our eyes see every living thing beyond what we can imagine…our heart sees beyond every living thing.

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