Understanding Our Ego

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We are all conscious of caring for the health of our body, mind and soul. For our body the first thing comes to mind is our heart. Our soul tops out with a healthy relationship with our creator. When it comes to our mind, our priority can be all over the map. The one function hidden away within our own mind that can be and so often over looked is our ego. We can hardly miss it in others, but when was the last time we examined our own if we even remember we have one.

It has been said that “some people brighten the room when entering, and some people when they leave.” Question, “Could it be possible that it has something to do with how bright their ego is glowing?” It’s about vibrations.

Whether we admit it or not we are always emitting vibrations, some positive and some negative. Two words “wattage and control” are important to keep in mind as we visit this subject. Let’s think of our ego as a light bulb within. We all have one and if our ego is balanced between the proper amount of self-respect (love) and self-pride, our bulb should be pleasant to look at. The observer should not have to squint or wear sun glasses to view it. Keeping in mind that we have absolutely no control on anyone’s ego other than our own, we should only be concerned about our own bulb. If we look at our own light and find it a bit out of balance… Oh! for shame. I don’t want to think that I have something out of balance!

It’s all about balance. It is not any different than walking down the street, we must maintain our balance if we expect to reach our destination. It is the same as we proceed on our path to universal oneness. It takes all kind of controls and for sure an out of control ego and even worse one that we aren’t aware of, is an invitation to all kinds of mind, body and soul stumbles. And so it goes, once we have made all the adjustments to our own balance between self-respect and self-pride, we will be OK as long as we don’t get out of bed. But the moment that we expose ourselves to the environment, we have to deal with a new kind of control. Let me invoke the word Freedom here. At all times we must remember the most important word in our language, Freedom. Freedom and control are two words that can’t ever be separated. They are like Siamese twins. You are in control or you will be controlled. So as we get out of bed and enter into the outside world, bump into lights that are so bright that sun glasses are required, or someone’s bulb is so dim that we want to let them plug into our source of energy, (we must do what?) make an on the spot decision. Invoke self-control to protect our mind, body and soul. (Yes) it amounts to the Freedom to be me. It’s one thing to find ourselves in competition with others for whatever reason, but the real disaster is if we find our-selves in competition within our-selves. After self inspection our ability to make the necessary adjustment to our ego will be easy.

But what about all those bright and dim bulbs that we have to work with, play with, live with, and even go to church with? First of all never leave the house without your sun glasses. Remember were not talking about the natural sun rays that only shine on a sunny day. No, we are talking about light from a total (over/under controlled) energy that shines bright even in the dark. The dim bulbs are sure to instigate sentiment that was discussed on another blog “Sentiment or Quicksand.” It is truly a drain on our energy, health and well being. The sole purpose for this subject is to expose the ‘better not talk about’ word EGO. There is much to learn about this intricate part of us. It is part of our creation, but like all of the rest of us, it must maintain a healthy Spiritual balance. I strongly suggest we all do some research and learn just how important our ego is and how it can cause pain or pleasure, happy or sadness but most of all how to be free. I recommend visiting the link below for a very interesting communication.


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