A Window Into The Divine Design

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Window to Devine Design

Just imagine the energy required in creating this awesome scene. Spend some time with it and let your mind wonder into it’s creation. Let yourself feel the uninterrupted beauty, the silence, the colors, and also appreciate a design created from far above our pay grade. But more than anything else, can we feel the LOVE emitting from this scene. Love being the most powerful energy known to man, we can begin with the love of our friend for capturing and sharing this picture. Can we feel the gratitude? This is much more than looking through a hole in the wall. For some of us it’s like looking through a window into our soul. The very same love that spent time and energy creating this awesome scene is the very same energy that created you and me.

If we can relate to the uninterrupted beauty, the silence, and the color in this picture, we can also see the very same love within ourselves. At first glance it may seem harsh, lifeless, impossible, far away. How hard would it be to find this place if we wanted to see it for our self? Sadly there are times we find it hard to find the path to our own soul. Could it be that when we look into the picture our first thought would be fear? “I wouldn’t want to be out there all alone.” I perhaps could if I had someone with me. Is the fear of being alone why we hesitate looking through the window into our self? When we do take a look alone we can better see the beauty, silence and colors produced by the same LOVE (energy) that we find in our own original Divine Design.

The fact that we are all made from the same love but created individually, it’s best too evaluate and enjoy how we alone look at our inside, (our soul) and not invite a committee of our peers to render their point of appreciation. If ten people look at this picture all ten would have a different view and appreciation. I would not want to live with three out of ten or even one out of ten
evaluations of my soul. Thus, some trips need to be made alone even if they are a bit fearful. Love starts at home for if we don’t have it we can’t share it. We have more than we will ever need. We sometimes forget where it is. That is the point of this exercise, we just need to look for it, and share it.

The purpose of this blog is to create a dialog of sharing. If you took the time to read this, your response as to how you feel about the subject matter and anything you can share will be much appreciated.

Thank you for your visit.


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