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Hi Me!

Yep, Here I am with my pants down. I want to speak about evolvement from where I came from, without the evolving words! Why? Because one thing that crawls under my skin is when I write something in the deepest way and the words strive to go there with me…then…another Human Being knocks it aside as being superficial, saying, “She is a writer”…or, “She likes to write!” Now, I know it is a bit sensitive, but it appreciates the writing and not what is being said from it’s essence. I stretch for the words to share just one life for a moment, as I like it when someone shares their unfoldment in life. How can we know how to understand our nature without expression?

Okay, without pretty words I dumb it down…so to speak. I remove dimensional layers that represent a depth…an emotional layer that, when removed…leaves only facts within the context. Now what?…When these layers are removed it allows critique that compares one thing to another. The emotional layers move on into a more independant individual description that may be more difficult to reach, but is more accurate.

So, I am not so ready to dwindle myself for you and make myself closer to you, or pretend I understand where you are when I don’t. I would much¬† rather have you and I reach up with respect for one another. If what I share does not fill a whole for you…you can go read something that does. I will do the same.

The fact still is that many of us are making decisions (growing beyond where we are), many of us are fighting to stay true to what ‘once was’,¬† many of us are just playing the game, and some of us just sit and watch. I see it in a chronological order, rather than separate entities of their own.

For instance: First: We watch and observe (just sit and watch) – some stay in that stage. To me it’s like a “student for life” – a collector of information.

Second: We make decisions (grow beyond where we are) – some people stay in this stage. To me it’s like discovering power.

Third: We often get overwhelmed with new discoveries so we protect decisions of the past (we fight to stay true to what’once was’). To me this is when our decision making has us think we are responsible for the world before we can become responsible for our own individual being. We think other people already did the thinking for us.

Fourth: Some folks just play the game – I see this stage as a person thinking life is meant for entertainment. To me this is a stage we use to enjoy the moment and get what we want at the time…using belief systems as a tool for instant gratification.

To me, each of these things unfold in a life in different orders and some not at all. We like to find a stage we are happy with at the time and defend it to a fault. In our minds, to let go is to lose…and, to hold on is to gain.

So is it of words…

When written with beauty and dimension we often find the reading hard.

When written with fact and common ground, we read the obvious and similarity without the study.

Differences fight to be ‘right’ when we are exercising choice, but deeper than that we seek understanding. Indifference also has dimension…it fights to hang low and under the radar and at another stage it knows truth is as it will be and is always. In any of these cases of indifference, Why bother?

I am why. The trees are why. The earth, the galaxies, the endless growing living creations are why. Gratitude is a reason to wake up to living life full of difference.



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  1. Amy says:

    It takes a lot of courage to grow out loud. Keep growing my new friend…out loud!

    • Solus says:

      So I will…It is the only way to recycle an old concept for a new one! I am also reading your blog and writings! It is a beautiful song of heart in words you share. Thank you, Amy!

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