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When you look at the number 80 it looks to be very smooth. There are no sharp edges. The number 8 is the combination of two round circles joined together and the 0 stands on it’s own. Unlike a lot of the numbers leading up to 80, many of them have sharp corners and lines going in different directions. I recognize reaching the age of 80, life seems to have suddenly become ‘smooth.’ Looking at all the numbers leading up to 80, and it requires all of them to get to 80, I look at them this way. The number 1 seams to be a very lonely number, 2 looks like a number one that is beginning to take form, followed by 3 that is some what odd but growing, and 4 is made of a number of sharp corners. Then there is number 5 that is trying to decide to be either sharp or smooth. 6 is getting closer but 7 disagrees with both 5 and 6. 8 alone shows great promise but is missing the support of the 0 to lean upon and 9 suggest taking another 6 but turning itself up side down.

When we translate or compare these numbers to the past experiences, experiments, expectations, excuses, exercises, etc of the 79 years leading up to the age 80 it begins to present a picture of the difference between feeling on edge or feeling free and well rounded. Life and living life is a process full of rough edges, twists and turns, different directions and paths, all leading to the time when priorities become a priority. Values become more clear, and our directions suddenly turn inward. With the help of the larger strong 0 to support our two smaller 0’s we can become one with our self and no longer need to deal with all the sharp edges of the past.

All the gratitude acquired in life and living is contained within, so it never has to be discovered, only recognized. I find myself at the 80+ time in my life and with this blog hope to share a moment of comfort and a vision of what an Effervescent Moment can look and feel like. I could very easily list an ailment of mine to go with each of the numbers between 1 & 9 but their mine not yours. I don’t subscribe to the “misery loves company” idea. I do however believe that touching and feeling something smooth is quiet soothing. It’s not magic! It’s quite simple. If I am upset or tense and I pet my cat, I feel better. Why? When we touch something smooth there is little or no friction between the sender and receiver. The energy is not compromised. It’s is the same with a positive (smooth) thought.  

It may seem like a long way around to get here, and perhaps it was. But it took me 80+ years to write this blog so think smooth and don’t complain.

If you read this and care to comment, your sharing with me will be much appreciated. It can be an Effervescent Moment for the both of us…


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