No Place to Go

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Hi! I want to speak to this place, this feeling of despair. It’s is a frightening place to be, whether it’s a momentary victimization of circumstance or a place in life that pulled the earth out from under your feet. It is usually unexpected, but if it happens more than once, you can begin to see it coming. I would like to discuss how it happens and what we can learn from it.

The very nature of the beast denotes a surprise attack and the most likely suggestion would be a robbery, rapist, attacker, or perhaps a spontaneous batterer in the family. These events can catch us off guard and vulnerable. Even an abusive family member has been totally forgiven from the last time it happened (or almost) and you are surprised again when it repeats.

Now let me suggest a bigger picture of this ‘end of the road’ projection. The scenario would be like this: When a person is told they are terminally ill, or you have lost all of your family in an accident, or perhaps a battering spouse has been so repetitive you have lost all contacts, respect, and ability to function emotionally without the spouse allowing it…you are trapped. All of these situations make you stand alone in the end with your depair, weakness, and failure to represent yourself.

Does someone have to exist in your world to tell you that you are good, that you are worthy of happiness, or that you are able to be loved by someone? Would losing your family or having a terminal disease tell you life is not worth living…or I have no reason to keep moving forward…or, the loss has made me lose my own self?

If this is the case, which I know life has taken me there a few times, then let’s dissect what took us there and how we can rewrite the script our needs wrote for us time and time again.

First of all, there are circumstances that belong to other people and you just happen to be in their way, like a robbery, rape, yes… and even a battering situation, which we will address first.

Battering began and you agreed because you chose to be there in the first place. Granted you did not see it coming, but when it happened, you thought it happened because of you. You knew you felt insecure and wanted more than could be given, so you blame yourself. So, actually the battering became the punishment you were giving to yourself. In order to leave, you would have to be led out by someone who promised more for you. You probably could not crawl out on your own due to the devastation and emotional instability, and severe insecurity to trust your own decisions.

The learning would only happen if you took a leap into someone elses arms or into the fear to face those insecurities one step at a time. If you fled to someone elses arms, the story may repeat in a different way until life had finally had you realize your worth.

The next situations life present get bigger and bigger until the day you actually stand here on earth with nothing but you and your Creator. I am sharing the fact that Spirit, unless you live for less meaningful experiences, will put you through whatever it takes to realize your own personal unique expression and will allow you to create the bricks to your vision of  life’s richness and dimension. The only thing Spirit requires is for you to decide to see what has already been sowed in your honor and open the doors you have shut for Spirit’s honor. Can you do that?


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