Walking Alone

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The hardest thing I have learned in life is that love is not simply a relationship with another human being. It is the gratitude we have for all life…meaning simply gratitude for the existence of all people, places, things, as well as the unseen flowing in, out, and around us all.

As I grew to be an adult I was under the impression that in order to love someone it was important to know who they are, understand them, give them support and love they needed to feel good about who they are. The relationship was extremely important because I had learned the glue that would make it hold. If a person had everything they needed then they would need me to help keep it there. What comes from a relationship such as this? Truth is… most (not all), but many people are unhappy when they are alone. In order to have company, it is popular to entertain others. We all love to fill our time with entertainment. It keeps us busy and our mind occupied. It may or may not be constructive, yet it diverts us from our every dayism. So, if I adapt to your needs, you are hooked on me. It is never intentional, but our instincts are in the market for survival and will figure out how to get what it is we need. Anyway, I was not drawing to me anyone who had the slightest idea in ‘what I said’ but were very interested when it was something they wanted or needed to hear. So, it was most prevalent for me to listen.

Information is something we all receive whether we want to or not and most of the time it is an ‘overload’. So many people do not seek experiential advice but only seek to enhance their repertoire of intellectual trivia. In this case it would be required to seek the information from people who have used their lives to acquire this intellectual data. Today the internet evens out the plain a little more, because the average Joe can look up the definition of words and be well informed for communication. Within my small world of subconsciously making things happen I was artificially simulated. I say this to describe what extremes our instinct will go to for company of another.

Growing from this, I see myself as ‘with Spirit’, which many people would feel others as they are and instinctively putting ‘Spirit (God)’ in place from fear of being alone…but I am here to lay the foundation of my truth. Being alone in pure gratitude of Spirit is so fulfilling and the strength that is required to get there disappears. I share to share. I am love as you are love. I realize I am one with the diversity of nature.


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