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There is something I would like to share with the world if I only could. Fact is, I know we are not able to share understanding in a direct way for it to go from me to you. Why? It is known to myself from what I have experienced that I am not able to know what I hand you. I am not able to ‘pass the baton’ (so to speak). I may think this is what I am doing…and you may think so too, but Spirit does not allow this to happen. No…whatever you gain from what I share, I am not able to know what that is, if anything. I am only able to share…period…And this I must, or whither. What a perfect design. You see, it makes us do everything for our ‘self’. Then and only then will we appreciate the true being we are and respect our Creator for creation. We all, each and every one of us have to make a deliberate effort to ‘get to the bottom of things’ and shake the hand of life given us. It is a one on one thing life expects us to do…when we grow to allow faith in life as loving goodness. Don’t be it and it will not be. I have the key to me and I will share it with you. Anytime I think I understand something (anything) and it falls short of being purposely presented for my understanding love, it is necessary for me to go back to the drawing board. Every single ‘thing’ is my challenge to understand for the union between me and Spirit. ┬áNo ‘thing’ is bad. It is I who fall short of understanding the chronological order of its existence. I find each and every ‘thing’ belongs to another when building, but when it is destructive it must be moved. Because anything not building appears it does not belong and yet it is there to motivate your lack. Without the celebration of diversity we can’t rest and be nurtured but with it we are given the tools necessary to grow freedom.


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  1. Atma Jodha Singh says:

    It’s my experience that words only really grant understanding between people when we have enough common experiences. Especially when I’m trying to share something that’s not a “nuts and bolts” physical thing. Emotions and feelings are the hardest things to have understood by others. They’re just so individual and unique that it’s hard for others to understand them unless they are willing to put in the time and energy to build that rapport to pick up on the unspoken qualities. I think that’s often why only our life-partners or best friends ever truly “get us”.

    • Solus says:

      My true communication is with my ‘self’ and as I learn to share my experience in words it will share somewhere…however, ‘getting us’ is improbable because it is outside where we are. I am enjoying the process of ‘getting my ‘self’ out of the way and celebrating the diversity of creation.

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