Truth Is…

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We can feel many different ways depending on our circumstances. Coping skills only help me to step down when an emotional reaction bubbles o the surface. In search of understanding the source, it helps to turn yourself inside out. The ‘victim’ part of me lives in a very small world I only visit from time to time. When I lived there I felt sorry for the world. Spirit is experienced as energy flowing through all things seen and unseen. There was confusion in the fact good and evil were here to argue…then, with time, understanding knocked on my door. It came to me how good and evil are experienced in our ‘smaller world.’ When we step outside that world we experience it as ‘one extreme to the other.’ This presents a whole new view. It opens us up to what has really been given us… EVERYTHING. Our small world finds it ‘overwhelming’ when it is looked at as what it is doing ‘to me.’ When looked at from a larger picture it is evident it is all put here ‘for me.’ it is a simple hard truth seeded inside the soul that will blossom when nurtured.

Truth is…

Spirit is learning to express through us.

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  1. Atma Jodha Singh says:

    I love that last line. It sums up so much that I already know. Thanks for sharing.

    • Solus says:

      It’s more of an experience I am sharing, information is everywhere. When I first heard that Spirit is learning to express through us it turned my perspective around and helps me understand how this mind and body are separate from Spirit. I own nothing and know nothing. It is best I simply allow Spirit to escape as I get ‘ego’ out of the way. So this blog is simply sharing an experience. I am a learning to allow.

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