Battling Egos

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Are you defined by your circumstances and past experience? No. You are defined by Spirit. We make a lot of choices in life…What to build? Who do I marry? What What work will I do? What do I like or dislike? How do I act? What should I eat? …but what faith do I have in it? What is it I believe in so much it is always there…without a fight? I can tell you only one thing you will hear my friend, it will not be a person, place or thing. No, it is the inner space, the essence of one’s emergence into purity…and the communication of silent miracles. Why bother to communicate with words when the definitions are so different for each?

To produce the sharing required to experience closeness, we have to leave everything in it’s context and extract only the depth from which it came through. Battling with ego’s symbolizes good and evil and predicts the best man wins. It is not something that will build, only conquer. We create from our lessons from the past and what we believe from those lessons. So, the suggestion is that when an ego comes up to you as if in battle, move over and let it by, it cares not who you are or from whence you grew.

Battling egos never win, but they must be in a game. For me life is not a game, it is a chronological order of growth, maturity, nurture, and sharing. I have no time for games.

New choices: What do I believe? How do I define Truth? What meaning do I give to the words I use? Am I able to feel purity? What is the nature of the unseen and how do I have a relationship with It? How do I connect with our Divine Creator? How did life Begin? Why am I here.? …I could go on and on and it would seem overwhelming. Truth is, when you ask the question, life helps you. All we are asked to do is be first! Spirit wants to see our Spirit in earnest quest, before our help arrives. Just be there.


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