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It is a good practice, if you want to avoid discomfort from others, to not share your business with others. It keeps your path pristine and uncontaminated by doubt. The challenge here is…What if my ‘Business’ is my business?

For 57 years my business was unknown and very personal. Things dear to me stayed dear to me by keeping my mouth shut. It also helps when people just simply don’t ask, which they didn’t.

After 57 years I broke out of my personal prison and came face to face with my insides out. I know it sounds crazy but living inside a ‘genie bottle’ waiting for the rescue rub is just plain extortion! I set out to pull everything out of the bag and share it in order that I grow, become, and seed. It has been a grand renewing ever since.

So, yes, keeping your business safe is important so we don’t lose it in all the confusion. However, life presents us with opportunities over and over again…and we will know when we can drop our drawers in public! Ha Ha.  I am not proposing nudity, except to the nudity of our deepest, most buried secrets. Confusion lessens as we, ‘Know Thyself.’

Once I had pulled Spirit out of my back pocket, it was all she wrote (so to speak)…As words pour outwardly (outside my head) understanding comes and tools share their weight in golden nuggets.

A friend supports my effort and we joined our hands to create Effervescent Moments…a ‘Business’ of my business and his, in order that we continue growing, becoming, and seeding. It absolutely does not protect us in any way and we could be vulnerable to attack, except that we no longer need protection from anything. People are the only ones who find reason to hurt themselves and we have stepped out of our own way.

I wrote a blog earlier about a dear friend who was dying from cancer. Her question, after leaving the doctor and going home to die was, “What do I have to do to get ready?” Well, Em (Effervescent Moments) is what I have to do to get ready… to me.

When you think about your vulnerabilities, remember your strengths. It took a long time to know I had any…but they were there listening loudly. ‘Know Thyself’ is a phrase Dr. Thurman Fleet would use in his lessons from a Chiropractic Study he put together called “Concept Therapy.” At the time I felt the power of it, now I am learning to understand it.

You can understand who you think you are, but I am willing to bet you are unable to do it without credit to your self and that is key. It takes one to know One. The inside story is true. Life is precious and you and I are life.



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