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The Untold Story  

Remembering the day the wiser one may not be who you are as of yet, but that was not the course of your life. It was way more fun to feel the sincerity underneath the words that MUST be profound because he’s ‘Dad.’ It may not always be the case that a father has the attributes of a wise man, but even so, we have to exchange words to either share hurt, play, or wisdom.   When we share our pain it ripples out to others and smothers little sparks of freedom along the way. We have a tendency to excuse it for the price of closeness. Some label it with the word ‘understanding’, yet the understanding is confused with ‘similarity.’ Sometimes someone else’s pain is something we helped put into place knowingly or unintentionally. When this is the case it may be appropriately placed back on you. In any case effects need not infect. How do we filter what gets through?

As children we absorb everything…we could see this as our victim years because we are not yet able to choose. Later, though, we can take a look at what someone shares with us before we simply absorb it. And rather than absorb anything again we can gingerly place it in the chronological position it belongs in us or let it go. What makes us think we have to feel what someone else feels…We don’t. We can relate or understand a feeling without becoming it. Again, it is all about thinking we have to be there for someone…or else something bad may happen.

Supposing it is all fear based, which I think is true in most cases, we can track it back to fear for survival and dismiss it for now. Survival instincts are one thing but fear of being alone is quite another. The herd is also a survival  instinct we can dismiss for now. After learning the survival skills we need according to the circumstances surrounding us, we can then practice our decision making skills to develop the human qualities given us and begin to create new dimensions of our personal existence.

How? Given the tools from our own journeys we can begin to apply what we understand is true for us to rebuild the foundation we stand on. For instance, if you learned being true to yourself helps ‘others’ more than being true to them, it becomes a tool to keep the message to the front of our conscious thoughts. The tool is the reminder of what we learn.

Placing it in the proper order for it to be received is the application. Or, perhaps we learn why we are on the planet. This, too, becomes a belief to keep in the forefront. So, our most in tune thoughts of what we represent stay in our immediate consciousness and replace the old ones.  Order is important, yours, mine and everyone.


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  1. mrshep says:

    I feel you…. or rather….I understand… or rather … as children we certainly absorbed some stuff…I have 3 arms. Seriously though, we are all born into the World in varying circumstances. How we process or deal with the circumstances also varies. I think this makes everyone unique. Kind of like the variety of wines which are produced all over the World.The beautiful wineries all have different soil and each grape has its own unique character. It’s great to communicate! Thanks for the “communication.”

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