Particles of Life; Written in Solese

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Science has been trying to understand the building blocks of life. One of the ways they search is by looking for the smallest particles. The search is driven through our human desire to collect information. Just knowing there are positive and negative charges in the beginning searches of physicists helps me realize how diversity turns the wheel of life. Let me explain how I see it:

I believe everything started with good (of course, thus the positive charge). I believe that Spirit (God) created all diversity, all creation, all possibility), which means everything in between positive, neutral, and the furthest thing from it…it’s opposite or negative charge. The charge of the smallest particle we know ( a quark) is believed to be from the neucleus of the atom which contains protons and neutrons (positive and neutral charges). The atom appears to have electrons orbiting around it, which, to me signifies the negative coming in at us from the outside.

Okay, so I am not a scientist, but it doesn’t take a lot of books to realize we are created from good and  our ability to understand the diversity coming toward us is dependent on our ability to understand our experience with life. There is an endless and infinite stream  of information coming in that will appear negative when our egos are unable to break the code. The key here is that Spirit (God)  actually knows we are conduits, yet we (humans) refuse to allow anything else to get the winning answer.

It is true that it motivates us, however, it could still motivate us to know we have a creator who’s Grandeur is so vast we can only be stimulated to live in the gratitude of usefulness. Gratitude being the key. What the big lesson is to my insides is the magnitude and ‘letting go’ of personal strings to join this link of life with the next, being that the consciousness of the atom aligns according to Divine Design. Experience is not mine to own, however, it is nourishment to feed my next step, and so on. Every step each one of us walks, leads someone, builds something, grows somewhere. What we are not able to see (the smallest particle) also leads, builds, and grows without doubt.

Could we question for information to lead, build, and grow rather than answers to know?

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