The Innate Seed to Share

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What is it…this thing in us? At first we fight for survival, then for freedom, and after that the drive to share takes us over as an instinctual primary urge. I suppose this is the evolution of our drive to propagate and pollinate. When I look at it in this way the divisions of our species are as extreme as our commonalities. For example; we are all able to understand the inescapable desire to swim if we are drowning, or the desperation of needing to get air when you are unable to breathe. Anyone and everyone can relate to the experience, if only in their imagination.

As for freedom, I do believe everyone can also relate to confinement, or force that makes you do something you do not want to do. I think it safe to say we all would want to get out of a concentration camp or run from an attacker. The feeling of being free is the same as the fight for survival in that our ability to grow comes to an end when we lose it, we revert back to our survival mode and fight for flight or die.

So, what makes survival, freedom, and sharing so different individually? Survival is motivating, choice is freedom, and sharing is driven. That would motivate our choice to who drives us. For instance, in my experience going through life I had to learn to share on the outside (with others) and then learn to share on the inside (with myself) before being of value. I feel this as a product not many people want. The strange thing is that I know I am doing what Spirit (God) intends me to do and the actual completion of the circuit I am unable to see.

It sounds like a one way journey, however, it is just the opposite, because the trip lasts forever and a hand that lifts you up will always be your strength…even when the hand is invisible. As I am, I get discouraged…but it does not last long, because I remember to see the unseen.


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