The Evolution of ‘Sharing’.

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I would like to share with you…yes I would. I think all human beings like to share, don’t you? Whether they share what they have learned, or eat a meal together, or, perhaps, share a cup of sugar to the neighbor next door. 

As a child, we often have difficulty sharing until we are shown how honey attracts bees…so, we first learn to manipulate our life through sharing. It isn’t until much later in life (if at all) that we become aware of the bee sting! The analogy is to the effort of kindness with an ulterior motive and later finding out it keeps us too busy to share with our own being.

You might ask, “How does a person share with one’s own self? How is that possible?” This is the question it takes such a long time to answer. When we finally take notice of something grander than our own personal existence, then we have this… this gratitude of creation…and it itself creates a relationship.

So, in these few short words I am sharing with you my inner journey. Why? I do it in gratitude for existence. When I bring my insides out it feels pure and without ulterior motives. It is approval from within. When we grow as human beings we share a greater understanding of who we are and what we are doing here on the planet. I suppose it seeds somewhere, who knows where. I do know that information comes from everywhere and as long as we share with ‘it’…’it’ shares with us.

Sound confusing? Words sometimes detain understanding, that’s where love comes in. Love is open. It receives and assimilates no matter what…but sharing love is not possible. A person decides they are or are not living love.


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