The Truth of the Matter is…

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I am watching my chest rise and lower as I look into a mirror. It is such a soothing experience. As I look at this reflection I am not feeling it as me, yet, I am feeling the movement up and down…knowing I don’t own it. A beautiful, connected feeling comes over me; the heartbeat of life; the common denominator; the breath of Spirit. I would like to speak from this breath, out. Up, down…rhythm…polarity…diversity…all the same and yet with different intensities ebbing and waning.

It is nice to know everything is as it should be. All of the angers, fears, destructive and hurtful feelings are but an exhalation…and inhalation exhilarating. How beautifully done is the wave form of life, to see it all in a mirror…we don’t own it. We are but an expression of this grand life. How we express this wave form is what matters to us. When this wave form expresses us, life matters.

I see now how everything is the same in an emotional non-hierarchical overview. Being the same is a ‘oneness with Spirit’ – it is not a ‘same as everyone else’ feeling. So, yes, we are all ‘the wave’ expressing a piece of itself.

Here is where words separate us from our being. The dichotomy forms from itself. Words and things can only express feelings, they are not actual feelings. They do not live without us, however, we have adopted them as ‘us’.

I realize I am standing under a label – can you see me?


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