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This moment or ‘now’ of the evolution or metamorphosis of experience through the vehicle of ‘I am’ is represented in so many ways. Words are one of the challenges of the presence of existence. They enter through the mind from feelings acquired within the circumstances life provides us with. Whether past, present, seen or unseen, one mind thinks a thought and it travels beyond where it is. It is the same with all forms of communication through art of all kinds.

This blog is to try and communicate a definition of what words do for us or to us. When we feel music , the song of poetry, or see the beauty in a painting, we mingle with the artists emotion and our own. Words are often the same, in that, often we say something by grouping our emotion with what we think other’s are feeling.

I would like to make the point that words can be used as a tool to communicate with people or they can be used as a tool to represent what the person who is using the words is feeling. There is a very fuzzy line here. Even when a person shares what he/she feels…if the expression is in any way conjugated or compared to another person’s feeling or assumption thereof, then the purity of the original expression leaves way for doubt to enter.

The challenge for growth in the Human form is to express in such a way as to be so intimate with words that they do not have to make sense to anyone but Spirit and soul and transgress human vulnerabilities only to seed somewhere in the vastness of the universe. We are not here to grow others, we are here to grow and become as a person and radiate vibrance into the harmonics of life. This alone will exhilarate and enhance purity of essence.

When we label feelings with words often they will appear to come up short, because one emotion will contradict another, however, this is actually impossible, because contradictions are simply the non hierarchical order of the divine design. We all must go through an emotion and understand it before we are allowed to see it in a new way, with a new definition.

Everyone of us have our definitions of life…use this blog to express yours. It is not a competition but a sounding board to hear what you say with your words. I am dogmatic about growth in general, not just my own.


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