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It’s confusing for a child growing up in their ‘parent’s’ world. It was for me. Regardless of the circumstances, every child who lives is responsible for what they do as an adult. In order for me to survive I made a decision to learn to love (not meaning ‘physical affection’). I felt a tremendous need for someone to think I was special. To satiate that need I decided to learn it. I figured that if I understood my parents and what triggered their behavior, I could learn to understand how they allowed their circumstances to dictate their actions, thus loving them for who they are and not how they were effecting me.

As a young adult my quests led me into extremely unhealthy environments I did not consciously choose, but, in reality, my circumstances led the way. My choice to understand everything is a great foundation, yet something was missing…direction. Since, I have learned much…As a young person (pre-adult) we size up what hurts us and dislike what gives us this pain. We can even go so far as to feed it and team up with other victimeeze brothers and sisters of like minds. The bottom line still continues to be love, and understanding the key to feeling it.

My point is that when anyone finds themselves comparing their life to extreme ugliness, take a deep look and see where it comes from, not who it comes from. Our creator has placed diversity here to become us not to hurt us. Every single person on this or any other planet has been placed here to learn to love life as a whole…in its entirety…it’s our challenge!


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