Why Now?

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“The perfect Timing”

The phone rings, there is a knock at the door, you are walking through the mall, look down to find your shoe lace is loose, your nose begins to run and you don’t have a tissue, you get home from work and your wife says “I have something to tell you!”, “why now?” you ask. What is it about the timing of events that sets us off balance?

First of all the “why now?” question is confusing to start with because it is two questions in one. Maybe it is like trying to do two things at once, or be in two different places at once. There is the WHY? and at the same time there is the NOW. One is the reason and the other is timing. Everything happens for a reason, but how is it connected to the timing? My wife died from cancer. Today a friend just sent me an e-mail inviting me to lunch. The first thing this morning we got word of a death in the family. Activity is around us every second of every hour. These examples invites the question “Why?” At this moment we can choose to seek out the answers to why in a positive or a negative posture. When we approach, why, in a positive way the answer will come to us as positive energy. The negative approach is just a waste of time and energy as it will bring forth more questions, not answers. If you don’t believe me, try it.

There is much to learn when we ask the question “why?” If we take the why back to it’s common denominator, we will find one simple word of explanation and that is “Freedom.” Freedom of ones’ soul. For example, my wife died of cancer. Why did she get cancer? Stress. Why did she have stress? It was her teaching position in a very bad environment. Why did she work in that kind of environment? Tradition. Why tradition? Tradition is learned at an early age and promoted by the herd (herd is the people around us). Why is being part of the herd negative? It incarcerates the mind, body and the soul. Here we are at the beginning of the end. When our soul is incarcerated it is not free. When we allow our soul to be imprisoned for any reason we deny it’s evolution to become one with Spirit. The evolution of our soul begins at conception. Our mind is in charge of the speed of our evolution, but evolve it will. Our body provides the earthly manifestation of spiritual energy. Created with free will, our mind has the privilege of recognizing or denying this fact.

Now what about the loose shoe lace? This speaks to timing. First of all we must recognize that time is like air. You can’t see, feel or hold it in your hand. Unless you can prove other wise, you will have to agree that we can’t control time. Well, if we can’t control it, who can?
The most direct answer to that one is Spirit (God). Spirit has always, since the creation, maintained control of time. With that being said, everything that happens is according to the time schedule of Spirit. If that were not so, everything would be crashing into something! Anytime we release energy out of control, it causes all kind of havoc. If you don’t believe that, try taking your hands off the steering wheel for a short while and see what happens. So I suggest that something as simple as a loose shoe lace happens for a purpose. Sometimes a delay in progress is part of the divine plan. The pause to stop and tie our shoe has a reason. Had we not done that, only Spirit knows what the next step would have encountered. One only has to remember some so called close calls from the past to realize that close calls happen. What was on the other side of the close call is sometimes better not known .

When my phone rings it may be a loved one wishing me well. Should I take the chance and miss that? The knock at the door may be a neighbor in trouble asking for help. Should I avoid sharing what I have to offer? Just a moment, I need to tie my shoe… Only to find out the delay caused me to avoid the gun being fired just around the corner in the armed robbery. Gee, I wish I had a tissue, simply means that I am human and should plan ahead. For what your wife or husband has to tell you when you get home, I will let you fill in however you wish.

What I wish to share, is becoming aware, of all the miracles that happen each and everyday that we so easily overlook. Nothing happens by accident. If that were so, one would then have to believe that there was no control of any kind on time. Understanding why and recognizing Spirits’ time schedule brings immediate peace to our soul.


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