What do I have to do to get ready?

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This question is a golden nugget a dear friend of mine told her husband when she had just received word from her doctor she was going to die. After a long battle with cancer she had hoped to win (according to her medical regime) the fight was now over. She asked the question above and came home to lie her head on her pillow one last time. It was just after her interment that these words would stick in my head only to help my own personal transition. As my life ended as I knew it, it would be her life to lift my head off that pillow and receive that question as my very own. Only then could I begin again.

There are many things we all have in common. One of these things is our desire for longevity. We think that when we take care of other people they will be with us forever…or when we love someone, they will want to be with us forever…or, perhaps, if we exercise and eat right, we will live forever! In any of these cases you can apply the question, “What do I have to do to get ready” and the reality of freedom hits.

So, in a life, our eyes see certain people, places, and things we want and we have, and it gets very comfortable. Also, emotionally we depend on these things staying the same. When I was able to answer the question, I was able to actually relate to the ‘hereafter’. “Getting ready” applied to everything. Suddenly, what set in is a glimpse of happiness. How could I or anyone hold happiness? Only gratitude for freedom lives on…and knowing ALL movement is free sets trust in truth…happiness is a side effect.


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