What’s Left?

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Words like: Wealth, liquidity, cash flow, net worth, vacuum cleaner, savings, profit, investment, fortune, etc., are words that have to do with us in ways we rarely, if ever, thought of. If we are talking about a business, all these words would fall into place and be easily understood. But why can we say these words apply to us as individuals? We give great attention to these principals when we work for, or are running a business, but almost always forget to make their connection to running or managing our own life’s activities.

If you have read this far you must be curious about the words vacuum cleaner in this list of words. I will explain this in a moment. But for now let’s think about how these words apply to our happiness and peace of mind.

wealth:  Expressed by the total harmony combined within our Mind, Body and Soul.
liquidity:  Is the amount of discretionary positive energy we have within us at any given moment.
cash flow:  Equals the amount of positive energy being received and shared at all times.
net worth:  The measure of self worth, self confidence, self respect we feel sure about within our self.
savings:  Amounts of positive energy we reserve within our self for our self.
profit:  Measures the amount of growth we acquire as we move forward.
investment:  Reflects our desire and effort to grow and become the best we can be.
fortune:  Positive or negative is what we create by our choices at our own discretion.

In business, success is measured by the amount of profit in relation to it’s investment. Referred to as ROI.
In life, success is measured by the amount of happiness and peace of mind we feel within.

There are two very important factors we need to be aware of when building a successful relation with ourselves.
First, we are all born into and exist within positive energy. It’s all around us as long as we recognize it exists.
Second, we must prevent the loss of our energy for any reason other than our sharing it by our choice.

If at anytime we feel unhappy or have a big knot in our stomach, it can be explained by asking why and finding the hole in our savings. We see signs of fear, pain, mood swings, weakness, maladies of all kinds but hardly ever connect it to the loss of our positive energy. It leaks out without being aware of it. Click on this link and learn what it would sound like if we were able to hear it.

It’s simply a vacuum (cleaner) being operated by someone or something that we allow getting too close to our net worth. Little by little our positive energy flows into a negative container and disappears into the night. We often tell our most trusted friends and relatives to “help yourself to my cash box.” Later we open the box and say, “I don’t believe it, there is something missing!” “Oh, I just can’t believe someone I love would do that to me!”

We didn’t connect the knot in our stomach to our intuition. That knot was our internal communicator warning that someone or something was entering our space (like getting too close) with the intention of leaving with something that didn’t belong to them. When our car needs fuel we go to a service station and acquire what the car needs. After listening to our friends and family, or seeking advice from sources we don’t really know, it’s our very own intuition that we seek advice from last. When someone is running low on energy, they will find the source that freely provides it. It’s the word “freely” that can cause us a lot of trouble. When we turn over the keys to our cash flow, it can be the beginning of the end for us. “Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.”

If things like happiness and peace are not the way we think they should be, we only have to look into the way we have been conducting our personal business and ask ourselves “who’s been in charge?” “Have I been leading or have I been led?” Every successful business has a good accounting department. Can we say the same for our personal business? If we are not better off (happier) at the end of our day than at the beginning, should we even start the next day with out some kind of explanation for who or what has been visiting our cash box?


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