Who Owes Who?

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Have you heard the comment “I spent my whole life working for the company and all I got was a gold watch.” Or what about “I gave her/him the best years of my life and now look what I have.” I very likely, in my younger years could have made these very same remarks… until I realized that the past doesn’t exist. If it does, in can only be in the form of a memory. Every bit of energy that was has been returned to it’s source. I am thinking that life’s energy is flowing through us like the water in a fire hose. The only real control we have of the energy from Spirit (God) is how and in what direction we direct it.

I have been looking into the Divine Design for where it is stated that there is a saving plan for good behavior. So far it eludes me. This brings up the subject of a “savings account” for good behavior. Is that really possible? Is there really that kind of an arrangement? Let’s think about it. One of the first things that we are told as children is “if you are good, Santa will bring you something nice.” It doesn’t take long until we develop that attitude. For example, if I take her/him out on a date, give her/him something special, I may get lucky later. After getting lucky a few times we learn to expect rewards after the fact of good behavior. So where is it written that if I do what is expected of me as a blessed human being, sometime in the future I can cash in or withdraw something? Cash in or withdraw what?

Here is where this gotcha gets us. It is easy to overlook the fine print in this imaginary contract. For example, if you loan me $100.00 to be paid back and it is paid back, does that mean that I still owe you more for being kind? If so, who sets the value on the being kind part? To who and how do I pay for the kind part? I can apply this thinking to myself when I look back over the 47 years of being kind and respectful to my wife. Where do I cash in on that kindness? Her parents are also with Spirit so there is no reward to come from them. This all may sound somewhat trite or even silly, but there is a point to be made. It is quite simple. Acts of kindness and good behavior can, without thinking, slip into indebtedness. Any kind of indebtedness equates to the loss of freedom and even the slightest loss of freedom amounts to a big leak in our bucket of energy. I owe you or you owe me, almost always is thought of as money. Money is nothing more than the system we use in measuring energy. The moment we think about the value of our energy and where it comes from, we begin to realize it’s real time value. Real time meaning NOW. Yesterdays energy is gone. Just as all the electricity that passed through our light bulbs yesterday… Where is it now? And so it is with our energy of kindness and good behavior… It is gone. There is nothing to cash in on or withdraw.

Kindness and good behavior is a contract one makes with oneself. It is not an agreement made between two or more persons. It is an agreement we make between ourselves and Spirit (God). If there is an IOU involved it is strictly within our own self. For the privilege of living and breathing Spirit expects me to be kind, generous and loving doing it freely. I am not expected to make deals with Spirits’ energy to reward myself with price, ego and control over others. In doing so, I am re-writing the rules of the Divine Design.

The answer to this gotcha is gratitude. Gratitude contains very positive energy. It is the only way to acknowledge kindness. It is also self contained. When some one expects gratitude it is almost always for a selfish reason or method of control.


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