Who Am I

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When you ask your ‘self’ that question, how do you answer it? I have had a complete block when faced with this question! There was a time I was somewhat satisfied with, I am so and so’s wife…I have studied such and such…I have done this and that training…so on and so on. Today, when I reflect back, I know why there was discomfort in my answer to myself…The answer shrunk me. I felt less than what I felt my potential is or could be. I shrouded myself with a superficial image of what other people in my life thought possible of me. Instead of using my answer of Who I Am as a measuring stick of where I was to where I am…I saw it as measuring how far I could go. The distance I felt was stifling.

Now, I want to share this new feeling or understanding that has entered this life as I know it…

The concepts I have of my ‘self image’ keep disappearing one by one and I find myself as a part of a bigger self I call Spirit. I see ‘me’ as a cell in this vision or oneness. The mission, as in any cell, is to communicate. The secret or missing key is that this particular communication lacks the possibility of manipulation due to it’s purity, yet discernment still persists in what permeates through.

Therefore, I am, simply, communication.


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  1. Robert Meek says:

    I thought this was a beautiful sharing. We are not our labels. What I do is what I do, not what I am. We are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. For me, the key question is Who Am I. I can keep asking it for years. I really connected with your imagery. It really moved me. I loved this. Who Am I contains those ever important words, I Am. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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