Struggle or Decision?

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How is it we get caught up in emotional reactions and are unable to make a decision? Or perhaps we make a quick decision for the moment for instant gratification. I have seen myself and others succumb to this behavior often. I have found that the reason this situation has existed for me is because there was nothing to stop it. My picture of life lived, breathed and stopped at the edge of what had been intertwined with family and others. My life could not stand on it’s own. By this, I mean, my life was dependent on specific people, what they needed, and what I needed from them. It’s a cold awakening to realize the framework for your life depends on someone else.

When you are in this situation (which, of course) we are all there as children, it continues as it always has, because we have no comparison to any other way of being. We simply are who we are, or we do as we see fits into our ability to understand, which relies heavily on our experience. Let me be clear…it is important to me in life to depend on others to do as they say, otherwise you would be unable to share with them. However, it is ¬†important to be true to myself and the direction I choose to go, regardless of what other people may want for or from me. That does not mean to block people from pollinating us…it just means we are here to share and not take. Someone can cheer me on as long as my course is not defined by the applause. So, why am I writing this blog post? To simply share. Share with me…


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  1. Robert Meek says:

    I thought this blog was especially powerful. It seems to point right at the heart of what I see as addiction to approval from other people. It reminded me of all the times in my life when I allowed myself to be defined by other people and how they expressed toward me. It also reminded me of all the times when I expected other people to react in such a way as to seek my own approval and when I was disappointed that they didn’t react as I wanted.
    This was a great thought provoking and heart searching blog. Thank you for sharing.

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