Small World Big World

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When we live in a small world we can’t see possibilities beyond where we currently exist. We sabotage our ideas knowing we care about other things more. We see our lives through someone else’s life or we accept where we are and feel we are incapable of changing. When we live in a large world we have vision and clarity beyond what we have known before and trust it beyond ourselves and others. When we see our inner blockades and are able to define and let go rather than hold on to affects of the past our world continues growing. The ‘vision’ is bigger than we are.

Even when someone is raised in a big world, the choice to fall or fight will present itself in order that we know the small world. In each world understanding is key. When we don’t know why we act the way we do in any given situation it will repeat itself. I don’t mean blaming someone or something, I mean knowing ‘why’ we are blaming and ‘what’ is allowing us to steal our effervescence from ourselves and others.

Life teaches us to thrive in celebrating diversity, not conquering it. What a grand acceptance to realize everything has been given to us! The secret we so often let drift away is that we are not choosing sides we are choosing how to do Life. We know everything has it’s opposite and we mistake opposition for interference rather than possibility. Life does not allow choice without understanding what it is like without it. Nature shows us love through hate and sorrow through joy. Life simply asks us to understand…then we can hold both in the palm of our hand and choose.

The minute we deny the existence of an opposite our world shrinks and becomes a battle field for survival. This can and does easily happen when we make life a game of good and evil. Our competitive urge is for survival, but when we replace fear with faith we go about being all we can be, having chosen faith… It just won’t happen without having befriended fear.

You see, life shows us that faith without ever having known fear is vulnerable to attacks. We will always be battling fear away until we know faith, and we will always be battling faith away until we know fear…then we are able to finally choose and know each for who they are, and know where and why we come to these conclusions.

Decisions only stick when we know our choices. In a small world we eliminate choices so we don’t become overwhelmed or confused. Is it good to protect ourselves? Yes, if we are being attacked by a predator! In a small world we see our own self as a predator! It’s true…we see our-self attacking our-self. We see negative emotions as enemies to avoid or kill! In reality, if we take those negative emotions and cradle them in our loving arms…asking from whence they came and getting to know them…we can send them on their way. It is a tender moment to realize the special meaning in all existence. That negative emotion is there for you to know of. That positive emotion is there for you to know of. From ALL life, we know what to do…


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